Follow up - Cold and Contemptuous

A few days ago I posted about the weak sentences handed down to 4 scumbags who killed a Sydney publican, Shane Miles, a few years ago, well here's something to really make the blood boil. At the time most of us were furious at the weak sentence handed down, if anything there was at least some hope that the sentences would be increased on appeal, well guess what.
Prosecutors have ruled out any appeal against the sentences handed down to the men who killed a Sydney bar owner. Despite opposition from the victim's family, they were allowed to plead guilty to Manslaughter -- and will spend no more than five years in jail. Shane Miles's sister Erin Peterson has told 2GB’s Chris Smith a solicitor has called to tell them of the decision. “Now I’m really disgusted that I didn’t get a phone call from Nicholas Cowdry or from Patrick Barrett, who was the Crown prosecutor in our case,” she said. LiveNews.
Yeah it's just too hard, the guys dead now, move on folks, who cares what you lot think anyway, just be grateful they did something!! A while ago Shane Miles's sister said that one of the lawyers even told her, when they decided to lower the sentence, that he thought she was over it. As it was an allegation, I didn't make much of it at the time, well it certainly looks like there's some truth to that. There you go folks, if some scumbag were to kill you or rape you, just be grateful they don't throw your corpse into the local garbage tip, if they move their backsides to get the wet lettuce out for the crims, consider yourself blessed.

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