Another Hero - Follow up

A few weeks ago I posted about an Iraqi man who saved the lives of U.S. Soldiers and civilians when he intercepted a suicide bomber in the town of al-Arafia, Iraq. At the time we didn't know who he was and there was very little information about the incident, last night a commenter at AWH left some more information about this, thank you Kristine Kane.
The Soldiers he saved that day say they will never forget the man’s sacrifice. The plan was to visit a leader of the al-Arafia Concerned Citizens Program. As the bomber rounded the far corner of the courtyard, Kane sprang up with his weapon and started moving toward him. Before he could get off a shot, one of the leader’s sons ran up, wrapped his arms around the bomber and began pushing him out of the courtyard.

As the leader’s son wrestled with him, the bomber detonated the vest, killing both men instantly. “The son was definitely a hero for acting the way he did,” Barth said. “His actions saved four American lives that day and the lives of his father and family.” “A lot of things kept that situation from being worse,” Barth said. The leader’s son, killed by the bomber, had served chai (tea) to Barth and Kane several times before. “He was high-spirited and really believed in what the group (Concerned Citizens) was doing,” Kane said. Source.
Kristine also left some more information regarding this. has provided the following address for those who would like to acknowledge or send letters to the young man's family...
Mr. Allawi
c/o 3-1 CAV PAO
Unit 5958
APO AE 09308-5958

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