Always someone else or something else to blame

A police chief has condemned the drinking culture among young people after a gang was convicted of brutally murdering a father of two in a drunken row over a taxi. The four - one woman and three men, who are all under 25 - battered Andrew Ayres, 50, to death using a mace, a knuckleduster and CS spray as he tried to take a cab home from a friend’s birthday party. Det Supt Paul Kennedy, who investigated the case, blamed drink for turning the group of casual acquaintances into brutal, vicious killers and urged other young people to avoid the perils of excessive drinking.

Lots of people drink and drink excessively, but I don’t think they then turn into vicious, evil, violent spawn of satan after that.

They chased Mr Ayres, known to his friends as Ted, around the pub carpark, eventually knocking him to the ground and beginning their horrific onslaught. Forensic pathologist, Professor Peter Vanezis confirmed that the death-blow came principally from his face being stamped on after he made attempts to get up but was hit back to the floor. He died from multiple facial and upper neck injuries. His cheekbones were so severely fractured that they had fragmented. His nose was broken, he had two black eyes, multiple lacerations to his lips and a broken jaw. His larynx was also damaged and he had inhaled blood into his lungs.

Laura Mitchell, 22, her boyfriend Michael Hall, 24, both of Bottomley Street, Buttershaw, Bradford, and Henry Ballantyne, 20, of Springwood Avenue, Shipley, were found guilty of murder and violent disorder. After the verdicts, DS Kennedy said: “An absolutely horrific and completely unwarranted level of violence was used against Andrew Ayres and ultimately caused his death. “It was a brutal and sustained attack, in which weapons were used, and it continued while he was on the ground and in no position to defend himself. “He was a completely innocent victim… Daily Mail.

Yeah, blah, blah mate, we hear that crap all the time, terrible tragedy, appalling crime, vicious, horrific, family distraught. I agree 100%, all true and I feel terrible for Andrew Ayres and his family, but too often we hear this from the authorities and that’s all we get, there is no point wailing and chest-beating if you are not prepared to back that up with a bit of a harsh penalty. You might as well turn around and tell the family you don’t give a proverbial, if all you can come up with is 10-20 years in some soft-ass jail.

Forgive me if I fail to express my emotions well, but if it was up to me, I’d have the lot of them taken out the back and shot. I await the sentencing of these piles of excrement to see if Andrew Ayres will get any justice.

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