Why only $10000

Why not 40 large, I read somewhere that a child costs around 200 large or thereabouts to raise, why don't we make it a nice 50 thousand dollars, isn't Steve Fielding a top bloke, real champion that Stevo. And come on, why just for the third child, why not every child, it's really only a small amount, isn't it Senator Fielding. Never a shortage of politicians who can come up with creative ideas on how to spend your money, is there.
Family First Senator Steve Fielding has proposed a bumper baby bonus to encourage families to have more children. Senator Fielding, one of 16 children, said parents would receive $10,000 for their third child under his proposal. He said Australia had a real problem because it was not producing enough new young Australians. Senator Fielding said the government's Intergenerational Report, the second of which was released in April this year, predicted a crisis with an ageing population. "We need to have kids. If we don't have kids then when we are all old we have noone paying taxes to support us," he said. "When you think about it, it is really a small amount that we are giving to people to have a third child." Source.
A small amount here, a bit there and you'll wonder where it all goes at the end of the day. If we keep paying people to have children, how long will it be before we start treating them as property or investments. After all, aren't we bribing parents to procreate so that someone will be around when we get old to pay taxes and such, don't we find this demeaning? Is bribing parents the answer to boost the birth rate, America has a higher birth rate than we do, yet they don't have any baby bonus, they don't have socialized healthcare either. Last I checked life isn't a walk in the park for them. Instead of taxing those who work and then returning the money, minus the paper-shufflers cut, why don't they just not tax them as much. Instead of pushing those who choose not to have children into resenting those that do, why don't we offer tax-breaks to help parents with things like child care costs, schooling etc. Perhaps if we stopped taxing everyone to the eyeballs, they might just have some money left over to afford to start a family.

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