Well, what did you expect from a nest of sniveling leftist vipers.

The BBC's reputation for honesty and integrity has hit a new low. The corporation was forced to sack a former Blue Peter editor and issue a fresh apology for lying to the programme's young viewers. It also admitted another three instances where it had misled the licence-paying public, adding to the long list revealed earlier this year. The latest turmoil was sparked by the admission that Blue Peter staff ignored the result of an online poll to name a new kitten.

They rejected the winning name - Cookie - and called the pet Socks instead. Critics said the fact that BBC staff lied about something-so trivial indicated that a culture of misleading the public is now endemic at the broadcaster. ...the furore when it emerged the show had faked the winner of a phone-in competition. ...the revelation that the Liz Kershaw Show routinely used faked phone-ins. Daily Mail.

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