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This is what Socialized medicine ends up in eventually, you let that Hillary Clinton or Barack Obama into power and it'll be "free" health-care, sure it's free (as in someone else is paying for it) and you'll be feeling warm and fuzzy for the first couple of years, but before long the money will dry up and this is what you'll get. But hey, it's free isn't it, just that they never said it would be adequate, timely or good, that's the fine print.
A pregnant woman has miscarried in a public toilet while waiting for assessment at Royal North Shore Hospital overnight. Despite complaining of acute pain, the woman was not seen by a doctor or given painkillers. The 35-year-old's husband had complained to emergency staff about the pain she was in, but was repeatedly told to sit back down and wait. Peter, who had taken the woman - his cousin's wife - to the hospital, has told 2GB’s Alan Jones the treatment they received was disgraceful.

“When we weren’t looking she walked off into the toilet and had a miscarriage,” he said. “People have come running [from] everywhere. I can’t go into the finer details, it’s just so gruesome, mate. It’s just something I wouldn’t say on air. She’s holding the little foetus in her hand, basically, and was wheeled out of the toilet in front of this packed waiting room.” "Not only that, but once they found her a bed they left her lying with the foetus between her legs for one hour." LiveNews.
I just listened to the husband of this woman, to summarize it, the treatment they received was cold and callous, as a miscarriage, there was nothing they (the hospital) could do so just take a seat and wait, apparently the foetus was still alive in the end. The wife was from Slovakia, left the disease that is communism and came here only to fall prey to another form of the same disgusting ideology. I'm sure the folks telling you about this crap in America won't tell you about any of this and they won't be around when that day comes.

And while you're at it, once you accept free health-care for all, then before long you'll hand over your guns as well, sounds swell doesn't it, take away all the guns and peace and utopia will descend upon you, you will no longer need to worry about shootings and violence. No need to bother with cleaning your guns or learning to shoot or watching your back, just dial 911 and the cops will be there in a jiffy with the wet lettuce to take care of the mis-understood scumbag, so you can put aside all that unpleasantness and go back to American Idol.
Two hotels have been targeted by armed men overnight - the latest in a spate of armed robberies across Sydney. Around 1230 am the two armed men entered the Hotel Ibis at Pyrmont, threatening staff with what’s believed to be a taser gun. It is believed the same men then struck half an hour later at Redfern. Staff at Bar Cleveland were threatened with a knife, the men fleeing again in a red four-wheel-drive. It’s the latest in a spate of armed robberies on clubs and hotels. Earlier this week a security guard was shot three times by thieves at a bowling club in Earlwood. LiveNews.
Just another day in Sydney folks. There was news about another shooting in another suburb in Sydney but I can't find the link. You know that taser gun they were talking about, just like with guns, we've got legislation and laws so high you couldn't pole-vault over it, to prevent people from carrying or using any of these items. As a law-abiding citizen if you go out and get them, I'm telling you, they'll call in the army if they have to, to lay the smack-down on your ass. But the criminals don't care, they carry what they want, when they want and they do what they want. This is the end product of handing over your guns, you hand over the streets as well.

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