Good on ya PM, thanks for the honesty

I'm glad John Howard came out and said this, take note folks he told you before the election, so now you know very well that he is not going to serve out his full term if re-elected. As far as the braying from Labor is concerned, put a sock in it you bunch of lemon-suckers, just thank whatever-you-believe-in that John Howard will stop thrashing the skin off your backsides soon.
Prime Minister John Howard has for the first time outlined that he is likely to retire midway through his term, if re-elected at the next poll. He says Peter Costello is his likely successor. “Into my term I would come to the conclusion that it would be in the interests of everybody if I retired,” he said. Deputy Labor leader Julia Gillard says voters should be very concerned. “How could Mr Howard be serious about plans for Australia’s long-term future if he isn’t committed to staying for all of the next term?” she said. Source.
If I'm not mistaken there have been four Labor leaders who went into elections without telling the voters about their plans to throw in the towel if re-elected.
Premier Bob Carr from the state of New South Wales
Premier Steve Bracks from the state of Victoria
Premier Peter Beattie from the state of Queensland
Lastly Federal Labor's own Mark Latham, admittedly he didn't resign, he was knifed by his loyal-before-the-election supporters, but they never told us they'd use his back as a knife rack after the election.

On a side note, maybe it's just me, but has anyone else ever heard Julia Gillard when she mentions (sneers about) John Howard, the way she says Meeesta HOWad, she sounds like an angry old witch, throw in a 'hiss' and a broom and parents will be pulling their children closer to them.

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