Vote the bastards out? Why bother?

There's no point, because under the skin the fuckers are all the same--totalitarians who will trash civil liberties on the slightest pretext and then tax the sheeple to within an inch of their lives..."for their own good".
These dishonest leeches--in cahoots with the ruling bureaucratic class--regard citizens as little more than Taxable Units, to be regulated, taxed, threatened and lied to with impunity.
And the sheep tolerate it.
They tolerate it because the vast majority of them are ignorant, selfish, unprincipled and intellectually lazy oafs who would rather trade their children's futures for a little comfort and the illusion of freedom today.
This isn't a right/left divide--it's the yawning gulf between ordinary, decent working people and their suited, greedhead masters. The masters may adopt the labels of whatever political philosophy they think will get them into office but it's all a sham, a vast con-job which they pull off because the population has been lulled to sleep by a diet of trivia and just enough welfare to prevent empty bellies rising up in righteous anger and slitting a few throats.
What brought this rant on?
THIS: ( "Tories"=Republicans, by the way)
"Extend your home? Prove you're green first, say Tories

Families would be forced to turn their houses green before being given permission to carry out loft conversions or conservatory extensions under plans published by the Tories yesterday.
Householders would have to follow in the footsteps of David Cameron by fitting energy-saving light bulbs, solar panels and possibly even a wind turbine on the roof if they wanted to make home improvements."
Read the whole rotten pile of stinking crap. This is just a tiny sample of what these bastards have in store for us in the name of "sustainability".
And remember--this is the opposition party to the lefties currently in power in Britain. As parties move towards the so-called "middle ground" in order to gain votes, it will happen in Australia, just as it's happening in New Zealand right now.

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