Indoctrination 101

"This is a questionnaire that was distributed to pupils at a large mixed comprehensive school in Britain.
The seven questions included litter, racism, refugees, a petition against ‘British attacks on Iraq’, dolphin friendly tuna, racism again and then the last question:

‘You know that Israel’s actions against Palestinian civilians go against international law. Which of the following do you decide?

a) People like us in Britain should stop buying goods made in Israel, to help put pressure on Israel to stop attacking Palestinians (3)
b) This conflict has nothing to do with us and there is nothing we can
do (1)
c) Our government should put pressure on Israel to do what international law says, and cut down its occupation of Palestine (2)
d) We need to find out more about the conflict between Israel and Palestine before we say what we do (3)’

The numbers in brackets indicate the score a student would receive for their answer - the higher the better. The week before they had a number of photos they had to group together - one was an Israeli tank and a Palestinian boy that was put under ‘Oppression.’
This travesty is being perpetrated in ‘citizenship’ lessons."
via The Lone Voice

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