While We All Scream ‘Fascist’ at John Howard

Will everybody please ignore what the Australian Labor Party is up to. . .
. . .Perth has become the toughest environment in the country in which to practise the public service of journalism. The boom state has become the goon state, where standover and intimidation against the media is the Labor Government's weapon of choice.

Police raids by armed officers on busy newsrooms, secret telephone tapping, grilling of reporters by Corruption and Crime Commission investigators that can't be reported - or even whispered to wives, husbands or, incredibly, bosses and employers - are becoming commonplace.
Of course, when leftists screech about a ‘suppression of free speech’ (as they did vis John Howard), what they're actually complaining about is that alternative views to theirs are being allowed to be heard, so these kinds of standover tactics come as absolutely no surprise. The general echoing silence from the rest of the MSM comes as no surprise, either.

This is very, very bad news for our nation, though.

Expect silence from the lefties, of course (and leftist bloggers in particular). The truth is, the majority of them have no problems with fascists - just so long as they're fascists they like.

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