Rudd And The Natural Government

By AR - Retiring Federal Labor Senator Robert Ray told Laurie Oakes on Sunday that Rudd, compared with Hawke and Keating, was the best-briefed leader - ever - he had dealt with...

That report jars just ever-so-slightly with the response Rudd gave Neil Mitchell on 3AW on Friday:
MITCHELL: Why have you decided to suppress documents on the inflationary effects of workplace reform? Isn’t it reasonable that we know that?
PM: I’m unaware of the details of that. I saw a report on it this morning. FOI decisions are made by our FOI decision markers within individual departments. But I’m really uncertain of the details in that particular case. I wish I could help you, but I can’t.
For a Prime Minister who starts ringing his media advisers at 5:15AM, Rudd's claim to be unaware of the details is unbelievable. This is another tactic in Rudd's arsenal of question-avoiding techniques. The too-drunk-to-remember visit to Scores was laughable, but when Rudd tries to suggest that as a micro-managing control freak, he isn't aware of every minute detail of an FOI request concerning inflation, his government's "number one priority" and workplace relations, the major plank that swept Kevin07 to election victory, he is treating the Australian public with contempt.

Departing Robert Ray has some more advice for Rudd:
"Be aware of the problems of hubris, that's a detestable word I know. Don't start talking about being the natural government ... you're only as good as your last decision, essentially."

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