Jews planned Holocaust!

JPost - Jewish leaders concocted the mass murder of handicapped Jews in order to keep from having to support them, and this murder is what the Jews term "the Holocaust," according to a documentary special that aired on April 18 on Hamas's Al Aqsa television station. According to the documentary's narrator, Israel's first prime minister David Ben Gurion decided that Jewish "disabled and handicapped are a burden to the state," after which "the Satanic Jews" - the film cuts to a picture of a hassidic Jew - "thought up an evil plot to be rid of the burden of disabled and handicapped" - the film then cuts to piles of emaciated corpses - "in twisted criminal ways."

The program dealt primarily with the Holocaust, but included comparisons to the Palestinian situation, calling the massacres in the Sabra and Shatila refugee camps a "holocaust" and blaming Israel for a "Palestinian holocaust." "They [the Jews] were the first to invent the methods of evil and oppression," explains the documentary's narrator, cutting to scenes of Golda Meir, Moshe Dayan and Ben Gurion. The film claimed Jewish leaders blamed the Nazis for their own massacre of Jews "so the Jews would seem persecuted and try to benefit from international sympathy."
Judging by the rather low level of international sympathy Israel is currently getting, it would appear the Jews are on the wrong track then. A couple of million of their own sacrificed for some international sympathy, I mean really, how stupid can you get. We shouldn't be surprised though, these are the same morons who probably think that 9/11 was an American job, but a great victory for the Muslim world as well. I did find it interesting that they claimed the Jews were getting rid of their disabled when it was the Islamists in Iraq and Palestine who used such folks as homicide bombers.

But these Jihadist scum will tell you it's the Jews with a straight face. I wonder if good ol Jimmy Carter will bring any of this up when he's having tea and falafels with these mass murdering terrorists. I wonder if he will twist this around to blame the Jews like his buddies, shouldn't be too hard, after all if a bunch of Hamas morons can do it, I'm sure a high-level leftie like Carter should be able to come up with something. But then again, why bother, most lefties don't really bother with good reason to hate Jews anyway, just about anything will do with them I think.

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