HIV-positive man jailed for 35 years for spitting at cop

When I read the above article at the Australian news website Sydney Morning Herald, I was surprised at first, but in a few seconds concluded that it could not be a local story. No way the justice system in Australia would have the balls to hand out such a sentence. No way will our politicians have the balls to punish like this, no way the majority of us have the stomach for such a sentence. Too bad I was right.
SMH - An HIV-positive man convicted of spitting into the eye and open mouth of a Dallas police officer has been sentenced to 35 years in prison. Willie Campbell must serve at least half that time because jurors ruled the 42-year-old used his infected saliva as a deadly weapon.
Out here if the cop's lucky enough not to be investigated, at best a good behavior bond [for the scumbag], directions to the nearest public hospital so he can take his rightful place suckling on the taxpayers teat and perhaps some angry looks at the cop for not being a proper punching bag like he's paid to be.

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