Leftists 3, Children 0

By AR - With a moral compass unerringly stuck on "shit," Britain's House of Commons this week struck three blows for Leftist causes.
BRITAIN has forged landmark new rights for homosexual parents after the House of Commons unexpectedly threw out proposals that would have required fertility clinics to consider a child's "need for a father" before providing treatment.

The father's role will now be replaced by the "need for supportive parenting" and both partners recognised as parents on birth certificates when lesbian couples conceive with donated sperm, or gay men use surrogacy.
Oh yeah, that pesky "need for a father" clause had to go. It trampled all over other peoples "need for a lifestyle".
British MPs have voted to keep the time limit for abortions at 24 weeks, during the first major debate on the issue for nearly 20 years.

Following impassioned debate, the House of Commons voted by clear margins against a series of proposals to cut the time limit at which a woman can have a termination to either 22, 20, 16 or 12 weeks.

Britain has one of the highest abortion rates, and latest cutoff dates for the procedure, in the EU.


Nadine Dorries, a Conservative MP and former nurse who proposed the amendment to reduce the limit to 20 weeks, gave a graphic account of how she had witnessed a “botched abortion which became a live birth”.

“I knew at that moment while I stood with that little boy in my arms that one day I would have the opportunity to stand and defend babies like him because what I thought we were committing that day was murder,” she said.
It was a bit more graphic than that. The Australian leaves out this bit:
"As I stood and looked in that cardboard bed pan this little boy was gasping through mucus and amniotic fluid for his breath.

"I stood with him in my arms for seven minutes while he gasped for his breath and a botched abortion, which became a live birth, became a death seven minutes later."
Don't worry, Pro-Late-Abortion-Choice supporters. There's plenty of rationalising being done on your behalf:
But Health Minister Dawn Primarolo, backing the status quo, warned that reducing the limit could force the small number of women who seek late abortions to seek alternative arrangements.
By "alternative arrangements," she doesn't mean they'll stop seeking late term abortions but they'll travel overseas to a country with relaxed standards. Sort of like those in Britain now.
BRITAIN'S parliament has voted to allow the creation of human-animal embryos that some scientists say are vital to research cures for diseases but critics, including the Catholic Church, argue pervert the course of nature.

In a separate vote, parliament also decided to allow parents of children suffering serious diseases to use in-vitro fertilisation to select "saviour siblings" who can act as donors for transplants to save their sick brothers and sisters.

Parliament defeated an amendment to ban inter-species research - in which human DNA is injected into cells derived from animals - by 336 to 176 after hours of impassioned debate on ethics versus science.
I wouldn't suggest the debate was between ethics and science, but rather between ethics, science, and Leftists' need to feel good about themselves. In such a debate, ethics doesn't rate a chance.

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