The Marines have arrived!

FOX News - Dramatic photos show a Marine's narrow escape from death Sunday while facing insurgent gunfire in Afghanistan. The Marine, part of the 24th Marine Expeditionary Unit (MEU), was exchanging gunfire with Taliban fighters near Garmser in Afghanistan's Helmand Province when a Reuters photographer captured the soldier's very close call.

A series of six photos show the Marine, wearing a T-shirt and fatigues but no combat helmet, ducking as insurgent gunfire tears through the top of a mud wall he's using for cover. Remarkably, the Marine escaped the gunfight without injury. “The insurgents are finding that every time they engage with the Marines, they lose,” Col. Peter Petronzio, commander of the 24th MEU, said in a statement issued May 10.

“The Marines are gaining ground every day and securing more of the routes through the district. The support we have received from our allied partners has contributed to our many successes thus far.” [snip] Troops have targeted this region on the Pakistan border that has served as a route for supplies and reinforcements for insurgents since April 28.

"Garmser is a planning, staging and logistics hub. Once lost it will mean a severe defeat for them," he told the agency. "That is why they are reinforcing with insurgents coming from other places, both north and south." Branco told the AFP that the insurgents had suffered "heavy" losses.

Geez, I sure hope they caught the marines off guard or something, otherwise what the hell was he doing without his gear on. These aren't losers and half-hearted tossbags, they're dealing with the Taliban here, these are hard bastards. They saw off them commie sumbitches back in the day, albeit with our help. Anyway, glad to hear the marines have arrived and are spreading the "love" around liberally.

So the British are helping out too eh, they should look up the Aussies too, make it a trifecta. Heck just get hold of our diggers and they can share tips and tricks, our boys have had experience with the Taliban and have been giving it back to them with compound interest recently. The cherry on top would be getting our SAS in on it too, it'll be open season on the Taliban then. Semper Fi goat humpers!

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