ALP lefties fawning over a pedophile!

LiveNews - Former Labor MP Milton Orkopoulos will be sentenced today after his conviction [guilty on 28 sex and drug counts] of child sex and drug charges. His sentencing coincides with an appeal for financial help for his family. [snip] Federal Member for the Hunter Jill Hall says the family have lost their home because of the case against the former Labor minister, and are struggling to pay the bills. [Yeah, damn that court case, can you believe that they charged him for raping boys and bankrupted him because of it, just outrageous!]

She and state MP Robert Coombs have written a letter urging government MP'S [yeah, do the right thing, where's the fair go, it's because of the victims that Milton is bankrupt now] to donate 100 dollars each to a fund for the family. [snip] Mr Coombs, who took Orkopoulos's seat after the 2007 election, said Orkopoulos's wife and daughter were unfortunate victims of his double life. [boohoo, so unfair] "They have had to sell their home," he told News Ltd. [It's just terribly unfair, pass the tissues]

"In the true Labor way we have rallied around to rattle the tin." [to support the family of a pedophile, nice one lefties] The club will also a fundraiser raffle night with a flat screen tv [you beauty] and a four-night stay [first prize for helping a pedophile, yay] at a Swansea hotel as prizes. But victims groups are outraged - Ken Marslew from Enough is Enough says the focus should be on securing compensation for the real victims.

And so they should be, are the Labor party holding any bake sales for the boys this scumbag raped, are they holding any raffles to try and compensate them? Anyone in the Australian Labor Party give a flying F"£% about them? These leftist snakes are probably angry at the victims for coming forward and sending their chum Milton to jail and bankrupting him in the process.

Just remember who you voted for NSW, you voted for this lot, many of them supported this slimeball during his trial, many of them rallied around him and now they're rattling the tin for him. Rest assured if it were up to them, I'm sure Milton would be out raping boys again! What a shameful, disgusting nest of sniveling slimeballs. Remember this at the next election folks, cos they sure won't.

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