But, but, but we have gun control!

SMH - A school and homes were evacuated and up to 50 shots fired during a dramatic stand-off between police and a gunman in Perth today. [snip] Reporters near the scene heard up to 50 shots ring out in quick succession, and said it sounded like different guns were being used. They said police could be heard shouting as the shots continued and smoke from the gunfire could be seen rising above the roof of a nearby house.
50 shots, but, but, but we have gun control! How could this happen, I just don't understand, I thought we were living in utopia, that there was no violence after we banned guns and knives! We sang kumbaya, we marginalized the evil gun nuts and pilloried them, we turned our swords into plows so why have the gods of cowardice and appeasement forsaken us, why, oh why? I thought all those people dying over the weekends was because of natural causes and the media were just saying they were shot, stabbed, beaten, bashed, raped and robbed to spice up the news and you know, sell more papers!
The resident, who wanted to be known only as Scott, said he was sitting in his loungeroom when he heard police sirens in the street and saw the gunman's car pull into his neighbour's driveway directly opposite him in Hodges St. [snip] "I looked out the window and there were cops ducking and weaving, they did not know where to go. "I didn't know where to go, I was shitting myself, he was firing out the driveway straight towards me. I was off out the back, and over the back fence in a jiffy."
I feel for ya Scott, I'd be "shitting" myself too if there was a criminal firing bullets in my general direction and I wasn't allowed a gun to send a few back at him. It's good that you can high-tail it out of your castle and be over the fence in a jiffy mate. You're much safer that way you know, I'm assured that if you had a gun that fellow would have kicked your door down and used his magic fingers to take your weapon off you and shoot you in the ass with it. Too bad if you're too old to run, wheel-chair bound or got a bum hip and can't make it over the back fence in a jiffy, you'll just have to take one for the team, or in this case quite a few.

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