New leadership, same old socialist slimeballs - Treasurer Wayne Swan has confirmed that his Budget on Tuesday will include a provision to lift the tax on luxury cars above $57,000 from 25 per cent to 30 per cent, affecting 105,000 car purchases a year.
Yeah baby, yeah, finally the proletariat get to stick it to the filthy bourgeoisie, all hail the glorious new leadership and fresh 'new' taxing ideas. First was the tax on the alcopops and now this, it's coming baby, these slimeballs are just getting started.
Mr Swan defended the rise, saying he needed to find savings following years of unsustainable spending by the Howard government. "We don't think it is unreasonable for people who have done well in recent years from government decisions in terms of top-end tax cuts - just pay a little more for a luxury car,'' Mr Swan said.
Because let's face it, all those bastards who can afford those $57K plus fancy gas-guzzlers didn't get the money to buy them through years of hard work did they Swannie, not holding two or 3 jobs or anything, we all know those filthy bastards did something nasty to get that money.
"We think it is only fair that people who can afford these cars make a small contribution in that savings effort.''
Yeah, we all know it was Howard who gave them the money, taxes are government money you know, you curs should be grateful for the coming taxcuts and stop whining about how hard you work. It's high time someone made those rich bastards pay their fair share, they've been getting free money from the Howard cabal for years now. And don't think it's only the millionaires who'll be catching it, which ever way you look at it, with leftist scum in power, you'll pay one way or another.
Federal Chamber of Automotive Industries chief executive Andrew McKellar agreed and said motorists already paid enough tax on new cars. "They pay GST, they pay stamp duty, they pay registration and they pay tax on the fuel they put in their cars,'' Mr McKellar said. "This tax increase is really an unnecessary burden on all motorists and it will be reflected throughout the market.''
Well folks, there you have it, there was the great big sorry, fresh ideas, kyoto, the great big wankfest and eventually what it boils down to is that you've just elected a couple of high-taxing socialist slimeballs. Well shock-horror eh. If you're still confused, let me spell it out for you, fair go is for the parasites and losers, not you who work hard. Things like working extra, getting a second job and all that is no longer encouraged.

Off course it'll never be official policy but if you have half a brain you'll see that the harder you work and the more money you make the more you'll pay in tax with lefties running the joint. And even if you're happy to do that and save your money and one day decide to treat yourself to something nice, to reward yourself, you'll first have to pay another tax, on top of the ones you're already paying. That's FRESH ideas for you.

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