Life under gun control

Daily Telegraph - A man who allegedly shot his former girlfriend at Star City Casino had been convicted of stalking her four years ago, a court has heard. Todd William Devaney, 37, was not brought up from the cells below Central Local Court this morning as he faced five charges arising from yesterday's alleged shooting in Pyrmont, including attempted murder and maliciously inflicting grievous bodily harm. [snip]

Court paperwork revealed the alleged victim of yesterday's shooting was Holly Graham, a fitness instructor at the Star City Casino's gym, who Devaney had previous been found guilty of stalking in 2004. She had taken out an apprehended violence order against him at the time. [snip] Documents tendered to the court stated Devaney had a string of convictions for firearms offences, stalking and armed robbery dating back more than a decade.
This is the reality for stalking victims under a nation with strict gun control laws, if some slimeball decides to take an unhealthy interest in you and doesn't really care whether you feel the same way then you're pretty much hung out to dry. If you know that the fellow is a violent slimeball and is capable of violence, all you can do is tell the cops, go to court and get that worthless AVO (apprehended violence order), then you start whistling for some actual protection. Apparently she is much safer this way.

You will never be allowed to legally own a firearm to defend yourself when he comes looking for you, like this woman. The longer it takes for him to come after you, the lesser your chances of getting the state, no matter how well-meaning, to protect you. As you can see, the justice system failed this woman, the cops failed her, the gun control laws failed her. The only saving grace was the Lord made this fellow a crap shot, so she wasn't fatally shot and killed, she got lucky. Thank you gun grabbers.

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