fat socialist reveals his true colours:

NZ's Dominion Post newspaper carried an opinion piece by one Chris Trotter on the subject of climate change, titled "the Moral Equivalent of War":
A quote:
"...the fight against global warming must become the moral equivalent of war. The threat we face is much greater than the threat posed to the world by Hitler....indeed the argument is strong for an all party coalition dedicated to bringing us through the crisis. Nor can there be the slightest suggestion that anything other than full equality of sacrifice constitutes the guiding principle of our climate change policies. And most importantly, we must learn to recognise the nay-sayers, the special pleaders, the not-in-my-backyarders, and the climate change deniers for the Quislings that they are and treat them accordingly."
(bold mine) H/T Lindsay Mitchell
frightening stuff--never mind the science, just get on board with the fashionable ideology or suffer the consequences. One gets the impression that this dishonest bastard would be perfectly happy to see "climate change deniers" forced to wear a red triangle when out in public...or should that be a yellow star? The mindset is the same, after all.

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