When working families meets leftist ideology

SMH - MORE than 110,000 Sydney households concentrated in the city's north, north-west and key inner suburbs will be caught by the Federal Government's new $150,000 benchmark for identifying the undeserving rich. Census figures show that one in 10 Sydney households had a gross income of more than $3000 a week in August 2006, putting them above the new income cut-off for family benefits announced in this week's budget. [snip] Salary surveys by recruitment firms and unpublished census data show that a coalminer married to a police officer, an electrician married to a primary school teacher and a power plant operator married to a paramedic would all earn more than Labor's $150,000 benchmark.
Back during the election campaign, Labor was banging on about working families, working families this, working families that, everywhere you turn. Too bad if you were a couple or single or divorced, buy a whistle and start whistling. After his glorious victory PM Dudd was promising to 'govern for ALL Australians' and when his minions were questioned about who exactly is making up these 'working families', they were quick to bullsh*t us that working families covered just about everyone. Now you know why leftists can't see how gay marriage undermines the traditional family, they have no clue what the hell a family actually is.

Well, the budget is out now and the leftist ideology rears it's ugly, envious head. They believe that an electrician and a teacher who earn more than $150K together are somehow nasty people, because they must be doing something devious or screwing someone over to get that $150 large. No way can it be by working every day, putting in extra hours or anything like that. No matter that they're pay more in actual tax, they are less deserving of benefits that others are entitled to. No more baby bonus for them, their children must pay for the sins of the parents. And if they want to jump onto the global warming bandwagon and install solar panels to aid PM Dudds glorious war on climate change, tough cookies, no rebate for you.

Doesn't matter that the benefits these government parasites are handing out like it's their own money are funded from the taxes paid by these people. Doesn't matter that they may have studied their asses off or work weekends and overtime to get that money. Doesn't matter that they may be suffering 'mortgage stress' that PM Dudd and his minions were waffling on about when they weren't screaming about working families. Nope, the crack addicted single mother who can't keep her legs closed and has no idea who fathered her children and the bludger chucking sickies is somehow more deserving, go figure!

One last thing, don't be surprised if your taxes go up in the long run, because when you punish people for working hard and earning extra money, they can decide to work less and so pay less tax and then the parasites you voted for will have to knock on your door to fund all those benefits they are so kindly handing out.

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