Stools Gold

By AR - Coprophagia is the Green dream, representing the ultimate in recycling. We all know the Greens will never be happy until we're all drinking our own piss. Such a lifestyle may be a step closer if this crazy idea gets off the ground.
SEWAGE could be the new gold as water scarcity pushes up the value of recycled effluent water and fertiliser, a senior legal academic says. Janice Gray, a senior law lecturer from the University of New South Wales, said the property rights of sewage could become the legal battleground of the future.

Ms Gray said entrepreneurs were already vying for access to sewerage infrastructure and one Sydney company had even litigated to gain access to such infrastructure. "This company, Services Sydney Pty Ltd, went to the Australian Competition Tribunal to open access to sewerage infrastructure in Sydney and the Hunter region," Ms Gray said.
Ms Gray envisages a nightmare future where people fight for their wastewater.
"What was once a burden may, in fact, come to be seen as a valuable resource. Who knows, wastewater might end up being the new gold."
Turds are no longer flushed, but are proudly given our name.
"Maybe we will want to claim it as our own," Ms Gray said.
Next we'll hear about how primitive societies return everything to the soil and are the richer for it. But I can remember the days of night-soil carters and septic tanks and have no wish to go back. And I'm not sure how well this next idea will run with modern high-density living arrangements. Actually, I am pretty sure...
"Instead of giving it away free to public utilities, as we do at the moment, perhaps we will start looking at putting in our own home-based or neighbourhood-based recycling centres," she said.
The hell, we will.

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