The Brits have finally had their fill of the left

Daily Mail - The Tories managed to pull of sweeping victories across the country in the local elections as Labour haemorrhaged seats even in its key heartlands. In the two most striking results, and in a massive blow to Labour, the Tories won the northern weathervane of BURY, which covers key Westminster battlegrounds, and made stunning gains to seize control of SOUTHAMPTON.

They gained eight seats to take control of the south coast city, which had been administered by a Labour-Liberal Democrat coalition, for the first time since 1984. In a further humiliation for the Government, Labour lost four seats in READING to no control with the Conservatives gaining an extra four seats. The defeat left it without control of a single local council in the south east.

The Tories were on target to achieve 44 per cent of the total votes, while grim-faced Labour MPs were left facing a slump to just 24 per cent. Despite many of the seats last being contested in 2004 when Labour was deeply unpopular over the Iraq War, it still managed to lose more than 230 seats. Meanwhile, the far-right British National Party won its first seats in NUNEATON & BEDWORTH, electing two councillors, and looked to be on course to win its first seat on the London Assembly.

Labour's woes look certain to worsen today as the party has already lost control of councils at both ends of Wales in a dire set of local election results. Results in the former Labour stronghold of Torfaen in south Wales were also a major setback after the party lost 16 seats and overall controll, leaving it without a majority party.

It's about time I say, hopefully this is just a sign of things to come, hopefully the left will be turfed out into the wilderness in the next election as well and a Conservative will be in No. 10 Downing Street. The left have been allowed to suck and leech the life out of that country for far too long.

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