Muslims who just don't understand the true meaning of 'Jihad'

IHT - Authorities in France, Germany and the Netherlands on Friday detained at least 10 people suspected of helping to fund al-Qaida-linked militants with roots in Uzbekistan, officials said. [snip] The suspects' nationalities were not given but officials said they were Turkic-speaking. French police suspect they collected funds for the Islamic Movement of Uzbekistan, a militant group said by the United States to have close ties to al-Qaida. The senior official described the arrests as "preventative" because the funds thought to have been collected were not known to have been used to carry out terror attacks. [snip]

The Islamic Movement of Uzbekistan has been blamed for several attempted border incursions into Uzbekistan through Kyrgyzstan in 1999-2001 and bombings in both countries as well as Tajikistan — all ex-Soviet republics in predominantly Muslim Central Asia. Reputed supporters have been active in southern Kyrgyzstan recently. The movement, which had training camps in nearby Afghanistan and fought on the side of Taliban, is believed to have been set back during U.S.-led operations there. Many followers of the IMU fled to Pakistan's tribal area near the Afghan border, where its leader Tahir Yuldash last year called in a video interview for supporters to launch suicide attacks. [snip]
Yesterday I watched a hilarious video of Mark Steyn [Hat tip Hang Right Politics] debating a couple of angry, unwilling Muslims. I managed to find it on Youtube as well, there are 5 parts, well worth the time folks. The Muslims like leftists were quite angry that Steyn was sounding the alarm about the problem of intolerance amongst, shall we say a growing minority, of Muslims. They keep insisting everywhere you turn that there isn't a problem, Islam is peaceful and it's only a few crazies, the Christians are just as terrible if not worse and that if only we'd all just shut up and sing kumbaya it would all just magically go away. No matter how many examples of jihad and violence are given, these deniers accuse us of xenophobia, Islamophobia, homophobia and arachnophobia.

Oh alright I just threw the last two in because I'm cheeky, although if they could get away with it I'm sure the deniers would be happy to throw those slurs our way too. I couldn't help but think when I read the above and saw the news about terror raids in Sydney today, don't they ever get tired of getting so many examples. I also thought that from our perspective it's so easy, the jihadists make our lives so simple, we don't even have to keep a record of their activities to whip out at a moment's notice. Just browse the net and sooner rather than later, you'll stumble across another instance of, as leftists and "moderate" Muslims often lecture us, Muslims who just don't understand the true meaning of 'Jihad', sure.

A small part of me feels sorry for these deniers, so I wouldn't mind being proven wrong in these two examples listed, maybe these two could turn out to be the never-heard-of militant wing of the Anglican Church or something.

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