Undercover Mosque

Daily Mail - Channel 4 has won £100,000 from a police force that falsely accused programme makers of faking television footage. West Midlands Police will also apologise at the High Court following comments it published about a Dispatches programme entitled Undercover Mosque. A press release issued by police and the Crown Prosecution Service in August last year claimed the programme misrepresented the views of Muslim preachers and clerics recorded undercover.

Police reported Channel 4 to the TV watchdog Ofcom for "heavily editing" the words of imams to give them a more sinister meaning, citing five instances. Ofcom rejected the complaints in a decision published in November 2007. [snip] Police claimed the programme, broadcast in January 2007, undermined "community cohesion" and "feelings of public reassurance". [snip]
What a pile of leftist excrement, if certain members of the community are calling for the beheading of others and barracking for terrorist scum blowing up buses and anything else, these scumbags will do nothing because of "community cohesion", the only cohesion they're interested in is ensuring the scumbags are free to hate and incite as much as they can. "feelings of public reassurance", what the hell does this crap even mean? Don't be surprised if you find that there is an actual position for some parasite suckling on the taxpayer's teat, to oversee these "feelings of public reassurance"!
Documentary excerpts from preachers and teachers included "Allah created the woman deficient" and "by the age of ten, it becomes an obligation on us to force her to wear hijab and if she doesn't wear hijab, we hit her". [snip]
Can someone let the office of "feelings of public reassurance" know about this crap, last time I checked being smacked around into a Hijab at the age of 10 doesn't bode well for "feelings of public reassurance" amongst the little girls. Any ball-busting femi-nazis willing to stamp out this obvious infringement of female rights or are "feelings of public reassurance" more equal.
Kevin Sutcliffe, deputy head of current affairs at Channel 4, said: "We have been very pleased to get the result. "We are accused of faking by the police and the CPS, which carries an awful lot of weight. "We had to take this course of action to show it is not true. We were completely baffled. What were they trying to achieve? "Why did they go after the programme in such a way? It seems to us a large amount of public money and time spent trying to bring us down." [snip]
Oh I think most of know why they did that, the lefty apologists get very upset when folks like you try to shine some light on the truth. Nothing to see, lost in translation, miscommunication, racism, not all of them, blah blah, move along or else. They don't like it when you draw the obvious conclusions, heck they don't even like you talking about it, might threaten "community cohesion" & "feelings of public reassurance" I suppose. It never occurs to them that in the long run it's actually worse for the few Muslims in western society who have no problem with us and are fleeing the savagery of their homelands. Youtube has the clips of Undercover Mosque, or your can just google it.

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