Art? Pig's bum it is!

SMH - The opening night of an exhibition by the photographer Bill Henson featuring images of naked children was dramatically cancelled after police visited the Paddington gallery to investigate child pornography claims. The future of the exhibition at the Roslyn Oxley9 gallery, which featured images of a girl and a boy, aged 12 and 13 - some of which also appear on the gallery's website - is now in doubt. [snip]
The gallery's owner, Roslyn Oxley, said she had been showing similar work by Henson since 1990 "and they have never offended people". Asked by Channel Seven if she would let her daughter pose for Henson, she said: "She's been in some of his shots." [snip] One artist who attended the exhibition opening, Eugenia Raskopoulos, said the cancellation was "censorship of the worst kind".
Yeah sure, next it'll be children engaged in sex acts paraded around as 'Art'. In previous times, these slimeballs would be tarred and feathered before being turfed out of town. The Sydney Morning Herald is conducting a poll on it and apparently 55% of people think it's kinda OK to have pictures of naked children in a gallery and presumably on the internet. Shame on them. Incidentally the pictures were still on the gallerys website yesterday, but this morning it's not working anymore, probably can't handle all the worlds pedophiles swamping it to check out the 'art'.

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