The senseless killing of our children by knives and guns has to stop

Reuters UK - The government launches a 3 million pound national advertising campaign on Thursday to warn young people about the effects of knife crime amid growing fears that the issue is getting out of control. [snip] The "hard-hitting" adverts, which will be run on radio, Web sites and mobile phones, will warn youngsters about the harsh physical and emotional consequences of knife crime, the government said. The 3-million-pound campaign, to be run over the next three years, was developed and written by young people who have themselves been affected by knife crime.
As I said the other day, more tax payers money will have to be thrown at the problem, in the past they spent 6 Billion pounds on youth crime and this is what they got. Naturally in this sophisticated, new-age world that we live in, when you try and fail over and over and over and over, you don't try something else, you just persist with the same failed ideas, go figure.
A series of ads aimed at mothers, encouraging them to talk about the issue with their children, will run simultaneously. "I am in no doubt about the importance of tackling knife crime and this is even starker following recent tragic events," said Home Office Minister Vernon Coaker. "We know that many young people carry a knife because they are fearful and these adverts tell powerful stories about the dangers of going down that path. "People have got to get the message that if they carry a knife, there's more chance of it being used against them." [snip]
Yeah because there are gangs of scumbags roaming around the streets looking for an armed teenager, just so they can take the knife off him and use it against him. Same goes for keeping a weapon in your house, if the criminal knows you have a weapon in your house, he will definitely break in, with nothing on him so that he can cleverly take your weapon from you and use it against you. Ssshhhh, don't let the secret out, they don't know they can carry their own. Just get the ones carrying them for protection to give them up, then all the stabbings and shootings will stop.

What a brilliant plan eh, why didn't I/you think of that. This explains the sky high crime rate in American states where people are allowed to bear arms to defend themselves. The best policy is to get a few of those 'Gun-Free' stickers and put em' all over your house, your front gate, your car and on your ass! Maybe even 'Arms are for hugging' thrown in there, something nuanced and sophisticated you know. You'll be sure to lead a long and violence-free life while those gun nuts and knife maniacs are butchered by the millions every day by their own weapons!
Home Secretary Jacqui Smith has already promised extra money to tackle gangs and youth violence, with an emphasis on extra police use of stop and search powers. That echoes a crackdown launched earlier this month by police in London. Teenagers in areas blighted by weapons, or groups suspected of carrying knives, face being searched without officers needing to have reasonable suspicion. Senior officers said it would be "in your face" policing.
Yeah, screw those liberties, hold on there son, hurrying for classes are you, tough shit boyo, up against the wall and empty yer pockets boyo, I feel like searching you every day so suck it up son. You see without responsibility, you cannot have liberty, you'll have to give more and more and more until there is nothing left to give away.
However, critics have said that the issue requires more than tough police measures, and Metropolitan Police Commissioner Ian Blair himself has said parents needed to confront their children about carrying knives. "Every mother, father and carer has the responsibility to ensure this happens," said Angela Lawrence, from Mothers Against Violence. "The senseless killing of our children by knives and guns has to stop."
Yes, every parent needs to ensure their sons and daughters are completely defenseless and just walking ducks, because you know if they were to carry a knife, it would just be taken off them and used against them. That doesn't work for the criminal scumbag carrying the knife though, only they have magic fingers, they're special. Forget teaching your children how to actually use weapons so that it'll be the scumbag with his throat slit not them. We know that'll just result in a doubling, no wait we're being emotional and hysterical here so no need for facts, make it a 600% increase in the number of stabbings! Just blood and bodies everywhere!

Training and education [except learning to bend over and grab ankles that is] will never work, not only will that result in an unacceptable number of scumbags biting the dirt, it'll also mean young men and women growing up free and independent of the state. A big no-no in any nanny state. There are martial arts schools dotted all over the western world teaching people how to defend themselves and we all know those nasty slimeballs are just churning out killing machine after killing machine. Just that the bastard media never reports on the sky high massacre rate of them karate & kung fu killers, funny that. A nation of useless, whining cowards is the only way.

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