A Rabbi & a Transsexual walk into a bar

Daily Mail - But Emma Sherdley is not exactly all woman. Until a few years ago she was a married father-of-two called Andrew. She is, though, in the middle of treatment to change gender and has the legal paperwork to prove it. But that wasn't enough to satisfy one client who claimed he had been shortchanged when he booked a female instructor to teach his wife how to drive.

He phoned the Laugh 'n' Pass driving school threatening to sue after Miss Sherdley, 42, turned up for the lesson. 'You have sent me a man. Send me a proper female. How dare you send a man with a deep voice,' he told Joanne Dixon, who runs the school in West Yorkshire. The man, a Muslim from the Meadowhall district of Sheffield who has not been named, claimed the company deliberately sent a man disguised as a woman.
Oh alright, the bit about them walking into a bar was just a cheap joke, moving on. If he had been a Christian or just an ordinary white fellow, I think the mad left would have hounded him out of Britain unless he repented and cleaned up after the next Mardi Gras. Maybe next time don't send Mr/Miss Sherdley around to the peaceful and tolerant Muslims, you never know what could happen. Don't forget, it's those violent Christians you have to worry about, but you can send him/her to them, just don't take your eye off them though. While I'm on the subject of peace and tolerance, get a load of those Jews, I mean what is it with this fellow, he should be more careful, walking into a knife like that!
Deutsche Welle - A Frankfurt court jailed a German man of Afghan origin for three-and-a-half years Tuesday, May 20, after finding him guilty of a knife attack on an Orthodox rabbi in the city last year. [snip] Sahed A. shouted "Bloody Jew, I'm going to kill you," as he stabbed Zalman Gurevich in the abdomen, witnesses said.
Like the fellow in Britain, it's funny how the Jewish Rabbi is named but his attacker who has been convicted of a serious crime is just "Sahed A." Must be to protect them from those vigilante Anglican mobs, just be grateful for the wisdom of the authorities, it's a thankless job but someone has to maintain “community cohesion” and “feelings of public reassurance” you know. Would it be too much to ask that Sahed A. be deported back to his vastly superior homeland when he's done serving his time? It's a long stretch I know, but I think it might just prevent any more clumsy Jews & Christians walking into knives, sticks, bats and into the path of speeding bullets.

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