Kevin08 - The gloves are off

kevin_rudd.jpgDaily Telegraph - PRIME Minister Kevin Rudd has been accused of employing a butler to put out his clothes and shine his shoes while on the road. [snip] Liberal senator Michael Ronaldson today asked a Senate estimates committee why the PM's staff list included a travelling assistant - and added that it was inappropriate for Mr Rudd to employ a manservant while petrol is at record highs.

The Australian - KEVIN Rudd has been accused of falsely claiming the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission's support for his planned fuel price monitoring system, despite the consumer watchdog warning it could lead to higher prices. And the Opposition labelled the Prime Minister an old-style socialist whose FuelWatch system would undermine free market principles and hurt consumers.
SMH - KEVIN RUDD'S main election strategy - to ease pressure on household budgets - has collapsed just six months into his administration with internal squabbling over petrol and the Prime Minister insisting he never pledged to lower fuel prices. [snip] But more bad news arrived when ANZ revised its inflation outlook - and factored in another two interest rate rises this year.

The Age - KEVIN Rudd's handpicked cultural advisers have confronted him over his attack on Melbourne artist Bill Henson and have warned that Henson's potential prosecution damages the nation's cultural reputation and risks "a repressive climate of hysterical condemnation". Cate Blanchett, Nobel prize-winning author J. M. Coetzee, Melbourne University Publishing head Louise Adler and writer Peter Goldsworthy are among the prominent figures whose names appear on an open letter condemning allegations that Henson "is a child pornographer".
I'm surprised it took this long for the wheels to come off, well not really, it only took this long because the media were helping him out as much as they could. Even last night the unbiased [funny how some ABC staff become members of Kevin08's leftist ALP then] ABC was making sloppy excuses for Kevin08. Geez, Kevin08 can't even find any love from the fabled 'Arts' community now. 'Working families' are pissed off, Pensioners are pissed off and even his celebrity chums are gesturing angrily at Kevin08. Even the media are getting into him now, The Age and the SMH tearing chunks off him on their respective front pages.

The opposition had better make hay while the aura of Kevin07 is being shot to pieces, because the media will be barracking for Kevin Rudd when the next election rolls around. There's a lesson in there somewhere for us, there's a lesson in there for Americans too, be wary of the ones who smooth-talk about hope and change folks, new leadership and fresh ideas is what we were sold and this is what we got. Honestly though I doubt the lesson will be learned, you see there's a reason why shady, smooth-talking salesmen are still around doing business.

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