Australia welcoming people smugglers

Ninemsn - About 1,000 refugees on temporary protection visas will be given permanent residency status to live in Australia, the Rudd government has announced. The government announced in the budget on Tuesday night it would abolish the controversial visa program set up by the previous Howard government to cover unauthorised arrivals to the country. [snip] Immigration Minister Chris Evans said scrapping the program would provide certainty to refugees presently subject to temporary protection. [snip]
And you thought the budget was just about screwing over the supposed "rich" and stay-at-home-appendages. If I'm not mistaken this Senator is the slimeball who forked over a couple of million dollars of our money for social justice in Palestine. Calling on all people smugglers, Australia is run by raving leftists now, come one come all, leaky boats, over crowded, no worries, social justice, all welcome. Those who did the right thing and followed the rules, those who have no money to pay the people smugglers, tough shit, get a whistle and start whistling, fair go only for those who can afford to pay a people smuggler. We give your certainty, certainty that -
"This will mean that they will have permanent residency in Australia," he told reporters. "(They) will have the restrictions that were placed on them, during the temporary protection visa regime removed." Senator Evans was accompanied by a refugee who will benefit from the government's decision. [snip]
The refugee was brought along to ensure anyone who dared to question the minister would be shamed back into their corner like the nasty, heartless, sonofabitch they really are. The Senator's party has a mandate now, we're moving on from those nasty days of "we will decide who gets to come here", get with the program morons, we're global citizens and all that now. There are global responsibilities and obligations you know, well, for you that is, not anyone else.
Senator Evans said he did not expect the number of people applying for permanent residency in Australia to grow significantly. [snip]
Ah, we're not expecting it to grow, and if it does, oh the good Senator doesn't say, let me translate, if it does grow significantly, then you can probably buy a whistle from the dollar shop and start whistling too. Don't whistle for too long though folks, somebody has to pay for all these boat people, so when you're done whistling get your working families off to work.

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