‘Encouraged’ deepen their knowledge of Islam

Brisbane Times - Police in Amsterdam will get half the purchase price back if they buy the Koran to deepen their knowledge of Islam, a spokesman said today. A new translation had just appeared in Dutch and officers on the beat were being encouraged [MK - I think we all know when they say 'encourage', it really means do it or else!] to read this and a biography of the Prophet Mohammed, Ebe van der Land said. "These two books will make for a better understanding and knowledge of the Koran and the life of the prophet," van der Land said.
I wonder if the translation covers the bit about his 9 yr-old wife? I wonder if the police are told that if Muslim man decides to take a young girl as his wife, then they need to look the other way? I recently heard Mark Steyn talking about the fastest population transformation in history that is happening right now in our time. Off course the left are quick to dismiss folks like Steyn as trouble makers, racists and xenophobes, nothing to see, all kumbaya, move along folks. We are told that Islam is peace and tolerance, we are told that multiculturalism is working, it's all peace and harmony, all cultures are equal and it's just a couple of angry racists stirring up trouble. But there is a disconnect between what we are told by the elites and the reality that's pretty much staring us in the face, if only we acknowledge it.

Here in the west, we have a lot of people from a lot of places around the world, people we are told will westernize when they come to live here in the west, so there is nothing to fear. This is true for a lot of them, however if there is nothing to fear because the immigrants will westernize and adapt, why are the Dutch police encouraged to 'deepen their knowledge of Islam', why are Korans being subsidized for them? Judging by the waning of Christianity in Europe, why aren't they encouraged to deepen their knowledge of Christianity? Why aren't they encouraged to deepen their knowledge of the Bhagawat Geeta, the Tanakh? Are there only Muslims and ex-Christians over in Europe now? Sounds like dhimmitude to me folks and it sure sounds like we're being deceived, lied to and sold out by those who purport to lead us.

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