Another family destroyed by knives

Daily Mail - It was a message from the depths of grief. The shattered father of stabbed Harry Potter actor Robert Knox warned: 'With knives there are no winners, only losers. 'If you are a person who carries a knife, think about the consequences and, for my son's sake, don't do it.' [snip] Both parents spoke of their last meetings with their son. In a tragic irony, Mr Knox's last words were to warn him about the dangers of being caught up in the culture of carrying a weapon,
I remember a while back I was looking around on the Emerson Knives website and I happened to read some of the testimonials from happy customers, people who carry knives. Here is one example that I still remember.
"Hello, first off I want to say thank you for saving my life, I was jumped by a group of punks not to long ago! They had weapons and a video camera (what kind of sick people watch this stuff)!! Long story short I reached for my Combat Karambit and the Wave action pulling the blade open and the loud CLICK was a wonderful sound!!! The look on those bastards face was priceless, they had me outnumbered and out weaponed but I guess the look of someone who refuses to be a victim armed with an Emerson Knife made me a force to be reckoned with. They ran off and one of the most terrifying things that's ever happened to me ended as fast as it started. Thank you and your staff! You should all be proud of what you do!" T.B.
Daily Mail - Fighting back tears, he recalled: 'We had a chat about the problems of people carrying knives and steering clear of problematical little areas that you could put yourself into.' [snip] In a bleak coincidence, Rob was a member of the same Sidcup rugby club as 16-year-old altar boy Jimmy Mizen, who was murdered two weeks ago in nearby Lee, South East London. The two families liveless than six miles from each other. Last night Jimmy's parents Barry and Margaret Mizen and their eldest son Danny said they were horrified to hear another young life had been lost in a knife attack.
My condolences to the families who have lost their sons and I'm not trying to attack them, but I cannot sit back and say nothing when lives are being lost. Once again the weapon is being blamed and once again the next logical step is more laws that will only guarantee that another family will be destroyed by an attacker with a knife or a gun. You can blame the knife and the gun all you want, you can demand more laws, more jail time, more police, shed all the tears you want. We've also banned guns and knives, you can't carry either to defend yourself, we've shed tears, we've appealed as well, we've demanded tough laws.

The police can search and confiscate without a warrant, they crack down and all that. We've had gun buy-backs and amnesties and none of us are allowed to carry a weapon to defend ourselves. But still people are getting shot and stabbed, bashed and raped, beaten and killed. As long as we blame the knife and the gun, we are only ensuring that your son, your daughter, your wife, your husband, your brother, your sister will never be allowed to carry either when the bad guy comes and he has one. Giving them a knife or a gun won't guarantee their life, but if you don't allow them to carry one, you are only stacking the odds against them. Would you rather they were T.B. or one of the others?

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