We, me, me, me and ultimately just you

Daily Mail - An Earl has been banned from holding weddings at his 600-year-old castle after refusing to allow a gay marriage. The Earl of Devon, Hugh Courtenay, has had the licence to hold civil ceremonies at Powderham Castle near Exeter revoked by Devon County Council. [snip] The council acted in response to a complaint from a gay couple from London who tried to book the castle for their own partnership ceremony. The case was taken up by gay pressure group Stonewall and now the Earl has been told his licence has been revoked because of discrimination. [snip]
Anybody wanting to get married there in future can thank these two boyfriends for shutting the place down. I suppose it was bound to happen in this politically correct world. If it wasn't the homos, then if some weirdo turned up with his daughter and demanded to get married there and the Earl refused they'd kick him in the teeth. Never mind that it would ruin it for the rest of the folks, they don't count anymore, it's only the super citizens whose rights are important now. Besides, much of society doesn't see much of a problem with homo marriage, they have to experience the consequences before they'll learn.

Most of us have swallowed the belief that homosexuality is normal even though they are statistically out numbered and there is no point to their lifestyle. If the Earl had been a Muslim, all he'd have to do was rally up some jihadists and make a few threatening calls, shout Allah Akbar and I'm sure the council would have folded like a sack of excrement. That will happen one day anyway as sharia continues to spread through Eurabia, homos will find themselves facing some real persecution then. When that happens good luck guys, don't come looking for allies then, at least not from me. My money's not on you prevailing either.
The gay couple whose wedding was refused by the Earl say his decision was discrimination and they are delighted at the revocation. Copyright consultant Bernard Horrocks, 40, and his partner Glenn Sontag, 35, have now booked a new ceremony elsewhere. Couples already booked for weddings this summer and autumn will not be affected because the licence will be revoked on January 1, 2009. [snip] Mr Courtenay is the 18th Earl of Devon with a title going back to 1553. He says he is a devout Christian and is acting out of faith.
You like to kick us Christians in the teeth now, make us choke down our outrage your at antics. So fend for yourselves, get your Stonewall and all that together, call the council, write a letter to your local wanker politician. Let's see if they're just as eager to drive radical Islam out of the public space. I wouldn't bet my ass on it though because we have become a society of ME, ME, ME! Everything is focused on the rights of ME but not the consequences or responsibilities, that's alright in the short term, because there are enough WEs [like the council] out there who believe that and are happy to ensure MEs [like these two homos] get their way.

Unfortunately for ME [the homos], there will be groups of WE [like radical Islamists] forming, bigger in number and more unified than any bunch of MEs [like Stonewall] you can cobble together. At first you'll be able to hold the line, but eventually the WEs [those who enforce the council's orders] will start asking themselves, why am I busting my ass to uphold the rights of whoever? There's nothing in it for ME, they'll also become drunk on their own rights and entitlements and won't care about yours, so long suckers! Then all these MEs will find out the hard way that you only have the rights you can defend or someone else is willing to defend for you.

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