Britain's tough gun & knife laws at work

Daily Mail - A man in his twenties was stabbed to death in front of horrified crowds on Britain's most famous shopping street yesterday. The 22-year-old was killed after leaving a McDonald's restaurant in Oxford Street, central London, at around 4.45pm. Terrified witnesses ran screaming from the scene as the man was stabbed with a 4in-long flick knife. One witness claimed his attackers first stabbed him and then slit his throat.

They dropped the bloodied blade on the pavement before running away. [snip] One witness, who did not want to be named, said: "I just heard the screaming and then saw a couple of black guys run past us." [snip] "First they stabbed him and then lunged back at him and slashed his throat. I can't believe someone would do this in broad daylight. [snip]
That's the way it goes when you ban guns, knives and ban ordinary law-abiding people from defending themselves with weapons. The criminals are the ones with the guns, knives and whatever else they feel like carrying. The criminals are the ones with the guns, knives and whatever else they feel like carrying. The victims have nothing and the sheeple are reduced to a nation of cowards, screaming and fleeing at the first sign of trouble and later telling us how ‘unbelievable’ it all is.

Incidentally this story reported in the SMH didn't mention anything about the "black guys" running past, I suppose they didn't want to ruffle any multicultural feathers. My initial suspicions were towards the followers of the world's most peaceful religion, you know, those angry Anglicans!
The killing follows the death of 16-year-old Jimmy Mizen in Lee, South-East London, on Saturday. He was the 13th teenager to be murdered in London this year. On Sunday, two youths were wounded in a double stabbing in Holloway, North London, and 68 young people under 25 have been killed with guns or knives since the start of the year.
Wake the hell up people, why is it shocking and unbelievable, when you elect politicians who take away your guns and right to bear arms and you do nothing, that sends a crystal clear message. That you generally don't have the will to defend your own liberty and you now have no means to do so as well. 68 people have been killed by other people with guns and knives in London, I mean how many more need to die before the stupidity of gun & knife control is finally ditched, 1000, 10000, 100000?

I remember the other week, some fool was whining about the crime situation in some part of Australia, they said something to the effect, oh my godless, it's becoming like Chicago. We live in the internet age moron, it ain't that hard, just google it and you'll see Chicago has strict gun control, the same thing that we have and shock-horror, we're becoming like Chicago, you'd think people would be able to put two and two together, but apparently it's all to complex for some of us.

Coming back to this case, if they do catch the scumbags who did this, consider it an anomaly if they get more than 10 years in jail. Off course it'll be dressed up as life in jail, you will rot you evil miscreants, a lonely cage for you till the bitter end and all that. The sentence in reality will just be 15 years max, maybe 10 with good behaviour and if they happen to be illegal immigrants, they won't be deported because of human rights and the judge misplaced his plastic spine again. Justice and Liberty, the joke's on you.

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