Drop in Binge drinking - Thank you John Howard

A few days ago we heard that is was that mean, nasty John Howard and his lowering-taxes thinking that caused teenage girls to hit the bottle. How he lasted so long by not jacking up taxes is beyond me. Good heavens was the man completely insane, thinking that we might be better off doing what we wanted with our money!
SMH - Federal Health Minister Nicola Roxon has blamed the former Howard government for the rise in teenage binge drinking. Ms Roxon said the decision to cut taxes on premixed alcoholic drinks eight years ago helped fuel the surge in excessive drinking by young people, particularly teenage girls. Ms Roxon said she did not know why the Howard government had cut the excise in the first place.
Yeah, thanks a lot Howard, hiss-boo, because of your lack of heavy taxation, the nation's teenagers are drinking their lives away, hope you're happy, what? They should take some responsibility and parents need to wake up, who said that? Take him away for a proper flogging, we won't entertain such capitalist, individualist, small government thinking, but wait.
The Australian - First, although sales of pre-mixed drinks have boomed, teen boozing hasn't. The 2007 National Drug Strategy Household Survey, compiled by the Australian Institute of Health and Welfare, actually shows a small drop over the past four years in the rate of teenage girls abusing alcohol. It doesn't seem that these drinks have made bingeing any worse, then.
Well, well, that changes everything doesn't it, that means, thanks are in order, I mean since binge drinking is John Howards fault, then a drop in binge drinking, however small, is then also thanks to John Howard. So thank you John Howard, I'll be waiting for the current Health Minister Nicola Roxon to issue a 'thank you' to the former PM and an apology as well. And if she doesn't, I expect our unbiased media to pull her up on it. Forgive me if I don't hold my breath though. Image thanks to Yahoo Images.

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