Time to reap the metrosexual seed you have sown

Daily Mail - And now, after all these years of our efforts to "retrain" men, up to and including ridiculing them, what have we really achieved? We have achieved a generation of women who still earn, as a national average, only 70 per cent of men's wages, and who still do five hours of housework to every measly hour's contribution from the man of the house. Yet we have also achieved a new generation of men who, worrying signs suggest, are turning into a bunch of sissies. So well done, ladies.

Take a look at your handiwork now. Appearance has become an obsession to men. What we started when we gave them their first style magazine is now a massively profitable publishing industry. Sales of male cosmetics are at an all-time high and women are being elbowed out of the queue for cosmetic surgery by lads desperate to have their chins tightened, their eye-bags removed or that vital breast reduction to get rid of their "man boobs".
We begged them to weep; to show us their "feminine side". Now we're awash with Paul Gascoigne moments, enhancing nothing more than the share value of Kleenex, as the slightest hint of pressure induces collapse into girly tears, leaving us to pick up the pieces of their problems as well as our own. And worse is on the way. The latest casualty of our well-meaning efforts, research says, is a huge decline in male libido.

It's not that they can't have sex (we've got Viagra for that). No, it's that they won't have sex. Not interested. Can't be bothered. One Relate counsellor, Nina Bryant, says that when she started 18 years ago, it was rare for a man to admit to a lack of interest in sex. "Now," she says, "it makes about a third of my case-load."
Well, since it took a decade or two to remove mens' testicles, I suppose it'll take another decade or two to give it back to them. In reality though I think it will take longer since most of the ball-busting feminists aren't really that interested in handing men back their balls. So to the ball-busting women out there, get used to the feelings, headaches and tears ladies and perhaps you can be more careful what you wish for next time.

On a side note, you know the old 'what women want' chestnut. So women pushed and cajoled men into becoming women and then when they became like women, women are still not happy, but that's what women said they wanted but apparently they didn't really mean what they said. Sorry ladies, how the hell are men supposed to know what women want when it appears women don't even know themselves?

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