Get worried when lefties make "real progress"

JPost - Hours before the arrival of US President George W. Bush, Prime Minister Ehud Olmert said Tuesday evening that "real progress" has been achieved in the negotiations with the Palestinian Authority, and that "understandings and agreements have been reached on important matters, although not on all issues." [snip] "There is some real progress, and some important understandings have been reached in important areas, though not in all areas," he said.
All well and good Olmert, however there is that niggling issue of who exactly the Palestinian Authority is representing, last time I checked, them Palis had voted for Hamas not the PA, so under whose authority are they negotiating. Hamas are one of the scumbags who're lobbing rockets every single day in the direction of Israel hoping to kill as many Jews as they can. Has any progress been made with them, will the rockets stop, are they going to hand Gilad Schalit over or does he fall into the 'not all areas' part of this "real progress"? See for yourself.
JPost - "Palestine will be liberated and not one meter of its land will be missing," Hamas leader Mahmoud Zahar declared on Tuesday. [snip] "Allah's promise will be fulfilled," he said. "Victory is on its way." [snip] Meanwhile, he and other Hamas leaders rejected Israel's demand that IDF Cpl. Gilad Schalit, abducted inside Israel on the Gaza border on June 25, 2006, be part of a truce deal.
Sounds like they're just as mad and filled with hate as usual. In all honesty, if I were an Israeli and from the past actions of this Olmert slimeball, I'd be worried when he makes 'progress' with your enemies. Their idea of 'progress' is not exactly what most folks would call progress, just ask the Israelis still dodging Kassams every day and wondering if this will be their last bus or last cafe. When Olmert says he's made "real progress", you really have to wonder, what has this fellow handed over to these slimeballs?

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