Burkas banned from Danish courts

BBC - Danish diplomats to Muslim countries are preparing themselves for another wave of anti-Danish protests after the government announced it would bar judges from wearing headscarves and similar religious or political symbols in courtrooms. Although the ban will include crucifixes, Jewish skull caps and turbans as well as headscarves, the move is seen as being largely aimed at Muslim judges.
Funny how we keep being told that this is the religion of peace and tolerance, we are told oh it's just a few extremists here and there. And they are only there because of those bastard righties who just won't sing kumbaya, there is no problem, nothing to see, true meaning of 'Jihad', move along. Yet every time something happens, diplomats are bracing and people are taping the windows. Embassies are put on alert, cops are getting the armor on, politicians are stretching their backs and preparing speeches to beg, grovel and sell out their subjects. Where does this conflicting message come from, didn't they get the memo, are we being lied to, one of life's great mysteries folks.

Coming back to the subject in question, I don't see a problem with this, I'm surprised there are actually female Muslim judges in Denmark. What happened to Sharia and a woman's testimony being of lower value? Does a muslim man who appears before a female judge get to request a different one, because how dare that cur judge him! One reason I can think of to ban this veil thing is who's know if the female judge is the judge she says she is. How do we know she isn't at home watching Judge Judy while some ball-busting leftist slimeball is standing in for her. Good on the Danes, let's see if the religion of peace and tolerance will surprise us, for once.

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