Somebody call a pollie!

SMH - Police have arrested a man suspected of shooting a Star City casino worker this afternoon, briefly holding up a visit to the area by Prime Minister Kevin Rudd. The 25-year-old woman, who is understood to be a fitness instructor, was shot three times in the stomach and hip in the gym on level five of the Pyrmont complex in Sydney this afternoon. The man was carrying three guns, one an automatic pistol, said Inspector Lee.
Oh my godless, you mean there are bad people out there with mean, nasty guns, I thought everyone handed in their guns and was dealing with their violent urges by sitting in the lotus position and humming quietly. Somebody call a pollie, pen an angry letter to your local member, get them to pass tough new laws and call passionate press conferences condemning violence and weapons, that'll do the trick and take all those nasties off the streets.
The incident caused Mr Rudd's security staff to briefly delay his arrival at Fairfax Media's new headquarters at One Darling Island, near the casino. Mr Rudd was officially opening the new media complex today.
Can somebody check whether Mr Rudd's security staff carry any nasty guns, after all 'working families' aren't allowed to carry any weapons to protect themselves in Australia so why should Mr Rudd be protected with violent, nasty, evil guns. Besides we know our gun control laws are working, so why would Mr Rudd need the protection of a gun? Sure we have the odd shooting, that woman who just copped the hot lead this afternoon will just have to take one for the team. I mean you don't want to end up like America do you, where tens of thousands are being shot dead every day by those terrible rampaging guns, do you. You're much safer for being defenseless people, just believe I tell you.

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