You're paying for a 12yr-old girl's sex change

Courier Mail - A FAMILY court judge has allowed a 12-year-old girl to start a taxpayer-funded sex change procedure - in the face of objections from the child's own father. The girl, who cannot be named, has begun court-approved hormone treatment in the first step towards a total gender switch. Orders by the Family Court of Victoria also permit the girl to apply for a new birth certificate, passport and Medicare card in a boy's name. The application to allow the hormone treatment was lodged by the girl's mother.

An endocrinologist, a psychiatrist, a family counsellor, a Victoria Government watchdog and a lawyer acting on the child's behalf all supported the plan. Only her father, who lives interstate, opposed the proposed sex change, though he did not attend the final court hearing and could not afford [I'm sure if he had been for it, the taxpayer would have been made to pay for that] to send a lawyer on his behalf. [snip] The court was told early intervention was needed because the child was stressed and anxious at the prospect of starting her period and had threatened self-harm.
Gee, aren't we taxpaying schmucks just such giving folk. I guess it's simply too much to ask the Judge, the endocrinologist, the psychiatrist, the family counsellor, the Victoria Government watchdog and the lawyer acting on the child's behalf to cough up their wages for this eh. Why should they, when they can help themselves to taxpayers money? So there you go kids, threaten a bit of 'self-harm' and you'll get your way, I want a penis or a vagina, bigger breasts even, give it to me now, or else!

Unfortunately, poor diddums will have to wait till she/he turns 18 for the fake penis, which I take it you lot will be forking out for as well. You can hardly expect him/her to fund her own lifestyle choices you know, it's after all your fault isn't it. I wonder what will happen if at 30, he suddenly decides this whole penis thing ain't all that flash and wants to become a she again. Are we going to have to fork out for that as well, don't see why not. Well get to work now, somebody's got to pay for all this.

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