The sickness that ails the left

From May 19 Edition of National Review Online [The Week] - Clare Short, of Britain’s Labour party, is a longtime member of Parliament. She is also a longtime leftist — but she is by no means on the lunatic fringe. There’s her membership in Parliament, of course — and the fact that she served in Tony Blair’s cabinet, for six years. She resigned after the start of the Iraq War. Recently, she appeared on al-Jazeera, speaking to what must have been a very large Arab audience. And what did she say? That Blair and George Bush would one day be tried in the International Criminal Court. “There are brave lawyers who are waiting for this opportunity, which will come one day.” In her Jazeera appearance, she was speaking to people many of whom are ruled by tyrannical men. Any lawyers waiting for the opportunity to try them really are brave.

For Che Guevara, the lovin’ never stops. He must be the most adored totalitarian thug/murderer in the world. The 80th anniversary of his birth is upon us, and Andres Zerneri, a sculptor in Guevara’s native Argentina, is doing something about it. He has asked people worldwide to contribute “bronze keys, kitchenware, and old instruments for a statue” commemorating Guevara. (We quote from a Bloomberg report.) So far, some 15,000 people have contributed more than three tons of this material. About those “old instruments,” we wonder: Do they include instruments of torture?

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