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The Hindu - Terrorists struck for the first time in Jaipur triggering eight serial blasts in a span of 12 minutes on Tuesday night in crowded market areas and near a Hanuman temple in the walled city leaving at least 60 killed and 200 injured. "According to the information I have received 60 people have died and 150 have been injured," said Chief Minister Vasundhara Raje, who rushed back to the State Capital from Jodhpur. [snip]

Bangladesh-based Harkut-ul-Jehadi Islami(HuJI) is suspected to be behind the blasts that has taken the state authorities by surprise, Home Ministry sources said. Police said one explosive was defused by bomb disposal squad near the Hanuman temple. Blood was splattered at the scene of the blasts which tossed some of the victims several feet up. Preliminary investigations revealed that cycle ballbearings were used in the explosions to inflict shrapnel injuries on the victims.
Yeah that sounds like their handiwork, these evil scum have a reputation of trying to kill as many people as they possibly can, man, woman, child, couldn't care less, truly the spawn of the devil. A woman and her infant babies, a pregnant woman, heck even when they're running away, these bastards would kill them without batting an eyelid, savagery and barbarity come naturally to them. We in the west must never be ignorant of them, especially when they're killing innocents elsewhere in the world. Just remember that they'd be happy to do the very same to you in your streets, give em' half the chance and they'll butcher your children like pigs.

Don't forget 9/11, don't forget that such an atrocity hasn't happened since then and hopefully it'll never happen again. Also remember it hasn't happened for their lack of trying or something, they're not holding back because you don't want to fight or prefer the route of appeasement, they're not holding back because of some fancy morally superior example you're setting. They're not holding back because of your superior military or something, they're not holding back because of your freedom of speech, they're holding back because they have no choice, because your sons are in their backyard.

They stick their M-16s into hornets nest and rattle it around and when they hornets are stirred up, they start shooting and keep shooting until it's time to reload and then it's on to the next nest. They are getting killed in great numbers and their ideology is being rejected by their own people. India is not in Iraq or Afghanistan, they are not occupying Bangladesh. Don't be fooled that walking away will solve the problem, those who want to cut & run won't be around when these evil bastards are in your streets rigging their bicycles and truck bombs. The barbarity and savagery will be on your doorstep and you will have to fight or die, alone.

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