Time's up evildoers

SMH - A national drive to halt the death penalty in the US has been defeated in the Supreme Court, with the justices ruling that lethal injections, if properly administered, are a "humane" means of executing a condemned prisoner. By a surprising 7-2 margin, the court rejected a constitutional attack on the main method of carrying out the death penalty across the US. Its ruling cleared the way for executions to resume after a seven-month delay. Since October, officials and judges in several states have put executions on hold while awaiting the outcome of the case decided on Wednesday.
Good on ya America, glad to see that justice will deal with the evildoers. Now if those states could hurry up and get on with it, that would be great, not only would they be saving hard-working taxpayers some money, they'd also be saving innocent lives, around 74 for each scumbag they send to hell.
Wall Street Journal - More precisely, our recent research shows that each execution carried out is correlated with about 74 fewer murders the following year. For any society concerned about human life, that type of evidence is something that should be taken very seriously.
With this 2020 summit going on in Australia and this yearning for fresh ideas, I have one. Can we outsource part of our justice system to the USA. Since we don't have the stomach to do the right thing with evil scumbags, why don't we send them over to the US, for a fee off course, so they can dispense with them. Think about it, it would only be the worst of the worst, you can have an extra trial or something if you want to ensure that we're not offing the wrong guy. After all we have the stomach to allow tens of thousands of unborn babies to be aborted every year who have done absolutely nothing wrong so why not kill those who have killed other people, the worst of the worst? Besides there is the self interest angle folks, wouldn't you want to be one of those 74 who get to live, I know I do.

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