Well let's starting coughing up then

SMH - The environment is the most important issue to Australians - swamping all other concerns and surprising the Government. Almost one in five of those polled listed the environment as their number one concern, four times as many as a decade ago. The economy came in second, and water third. Terrorism and binge drinking hardly rated a mention. The ANU telephone poll of 1000 people in March from around the country painted a picture of a contented, positive Australia.
Well that's real swell then, let's move beyond the lame-o somebody must just do something about the environment, let's start making some sacrifices, ban the plastic bag, the light bulb, tax those bastard car users, pay some extra tax for carbon credits, mandatory earth days and what not. It's all well and good to be whingeing and whining about how important the environment is and how it's top priority. Time to put yer money where the CO2 is being emitted from, gaia demands it, and when there are little or no actual results I'd like to see how popular the environment is then.

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