Protests Against the Chinese Olympics

(Picture courtesy of The People's Cube a ploitical satire website.)

There have been lots of upset people protesting the Olympic Torch, not because the torch was one of Joseph Gobel's ideas, but because China is still occupying Tibet after 50 years and is continuing in its quest to eliminate Tibetan culture. That is certainly something worth protesting, but it demonstrates how effective the left is and will be at handling foreign affairs.

One of the left's great mantras is that we need to talk with the evil thugs around the world. "Give diplomacy a chance" and all that. But for 50 years that is exactly how we have handled Tibet. The liberal's would display their "Free Tibet" bumper stickers and sing praises to the Dali Lama, but did nothing but talk and hold occasional protests such as the ones going on now. I'm sure China feels intimidated by people in Paris and San Fransisco trying to grab a torch from a wheelchair-bound torch bearer, and will reconsider its policies in Tibet. And of course conservatives have followed pretty much the same policy with respect to Tibet, with the same results. After 50 years, China is still in Tibet and continuing to transplant ethnic Chinese into the former country. At this point, there isn't much left of Tibet. This is what talking with mass murdering dictators gets you, exactly nothing.

These same people who want to reason with evil people, and who refuse to even acknowledge that our enemies are evil, denigrate anyone who would stand up to evil in this world and try to do something about. By opposing evil, you become evil for the left. But look how different the outcomes are between treating evil as equal to western ideals, and recognizing evil for what it is and opposing it.

By talking to and treating evil doers as good but misunderstood people we got the following: Tibet is gone, Sudanese Muslims are still murdering and enslaving non-Muslims in Darfur, and looking the other way when it comes to Palestinian terrorism has only result in the problem getting much worse with more innocent deaths, etc. The bullies saw timidity as a sign of weakness, and an invitation to do more of what we hoped they would not do.

In contrast, look at what can be achieved when evil is opposed. The Soviet Union fell and Eastern Europe was freed, Kuwait was liberated, the Taliban was removed from Afghanistan, and Saddam was removed from Iraq. To be sure these successes are bought at a cost, but a cost that would have been less if we had acted sooner, or if the left didn't fight against those efforts in the first place. Still they are successes, even if they aren't final yet. But will left acknowledge these successes and celebrate the fact that millions of people have the chance for freedom? No, they spend their time doing everything they can to push those people back into slavery. Why? Because we can't say we're better, we didn't do it their way. We have to admit we were wrong, see their side, and talk to them.

Just like we do in Tibet. Don't expect Tibet to be free anytime soon.

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