K_Rudd and the Kruddites

Has anyone noticed the commercial radio stations of late, and how they’ve now started addressing stories about the Great Bureaucrat?

'K' 'Rudd', and with the tiniest of pauses between the ‘K’ and the ‘Rudd’.

It’s killing me!

Andrew Bolt is currently delivering a blow by blow of Spoonit 2020. Go read. Fall about laughing. The real tragedy is, though, that they’re all deadly serious. . . Brilliant 'new' ideas (like there's anything new about any of this rubbish) for Australia? As predicted: Republic (number one). A treaty, constitutional recognition for Aborigines, and the most poetic of all: Abolition of the States.

Why poetic? Now that they have a Federal ALP gov’, they can start admitting that the State ALP governments are a bunch of destructive jokes (and should be removed as rapidly as possible), the tiny-minded fools.

Surely, this farce can't go on for too much longer. . .can it?

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