All hail Komrade KRudd

kevin_rudd.jpgLiveNews - Kevin Rudd has received some good news during his whirlwind trip around the world with another boost in the polls. Mr Rudd is continuing to surge ahead in the latest newspoll with 73 per cent of voters preferring him as prime minister.
What the heck people, why didn't you tell me, I thought I could count on you, you didn't tell me about utopia dammit. So 73% approval and for what exactly? Let me have a look, more pay every week, nope. Grocery bill, nope, still pretty high. Must be petrol then, let me see.... hey what the... get your hands off my wallet Woolies or the bowie is in your throat. What else, interest rates, still climbing. Rent, climbing faster. Taxes, no cuts so far, just promises. Traffic, still bad and getting worse. Alright, the prices of cars, perhaps they're handing out free Monaros or something, let me check, nope, nothing of the sort, still getting screwed by Holden while Americans ponder the more affordable made-in-Australia Pontiac G8. Must be the sharemarket then, nope down the crapper as well. I don't get it folks, did I miss it completely, are the free pies all finished now? Why didn't you tell me, where is utopia, why do you hide it from me, why, why...

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