How Vividly I Recall. . .

So many of our esteemed Lefty visitors (and elsewhere) pointing their long, bony fingers at Howard over every State issue that appeared on the Federal election’s radar (and they virtually all were State issues, thanks to an almost flawless record of ALP bungling at a State level).

Now we have the basic truth, and straight from the horse’s mouth:

Rudd flick passes question on personal carers

CATHERINE Murray had, on the face of it, a simple request to put to Kevin Rudd.

"All I'm asking for is to have a future," she said. "I love my son and will do all I can to stay well, but I am worried about caring for him cradle to the grave."

Handball to States number one:

Mr Rudd said he appreciated the "deep, deep anxiety" experienced by Ms Murray and other parents. He agreed that the state had "a bucket load of money" to deal with such human difficulty before handing over the microphone to Community Services Minister Jenny Macklin.
Handball to States number two:

Mr Rudd said his Government recognised that Canberra had a responsibility for infrastructure, including transport, despite it being a state issue. "We believe it is time for the commonwealth Government to take its share of responsibility," he said.
Which he won’t, of course, do, because it’s a [drum roll] issue for the States. . .

Mr Rudd, while not promising additions to the University of Western Sydney, said he was serious about taking his education revolution to Sydney's west. But he added: "Turning the Queen Mary takes a long time."
What revolution would that be, Kevin? Anything like the visions? I wonder if he hears voices, too?

This lot are a bunch of lying wind bags – seriously. And the press are no better (having helped these tossers up to the plate). Every issue at the last Federal election was a State issue, and Kevin knows it.

The Lefties know it, too.

They're all just too dishonest to admit it - then - or now.

Pathetic. Vile.

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