2020 - Somebody's got to pay for all this

kevin_rudd.jpgSMH - KEVIN RUDD will spend the next six months sifting through more than 100 ideas for the nation's future, ranging from accelerating an overhaul of federation to making it compulsory to eat fruit at school and encouraging lazy office workers to use the stairs. The economic group recommended the biggest review of the tax system in 25 years - an idea the Treasurer, Wayne Swan, appeared to embrace. However, ideas from other groups included five new taxes and seven new inquiries or commissions. These taxes included a proportion of stamp duties on house sales being used to help the homeless, a volumetric tax on alcohol to combat alcoholism, a tax to encourage public transport use, and a new tax on alcohol, junk food and cigarettes to pay for the creation of a national preventive health agency.
For someone who was brimming with "fresh ideas" and "new leadership" just months ago, he seems really quite bereft of the very things he was claiming and our leftie media also seems completely uninterested in it, makes you wonder whose side they're really on eh. I also wonder what Kevvie is going to do for the next six months, how ever is he going to look busy and like he's actually doing something. Perhaps it'll take six months to come up with a creative way of forcing youngsters to eat fruit or else, to get office fatties to take the stairs or else and how to tax you even more without sounding too totalitarian. But wait folks, there's more some coming, lefties don't have the reputation of high taxation for nothing you know.
SMH - Nor was the symbolism of holding the gathering in the Government party room at Parliament House as speaker after speaker advocated the need for the arts and creativity to move from the margins to centre stage. Education was seen as a key to realising this, the group calling for a national school curriculum with compulsory creative, visual and performing arts subjects. New ways of funding the arts were seen as a priority, and suggestions on how to do this included the introducing a HECS scheme for young and emerging artists and a national endowment fund - a mix of public funding and private philanthropy. Also suggested was funding via tax incentives, a 1 per cent creativity dividend from all government departments for investment in the arts - and the reintroduction of death duties.
I don't think they'll be making arts and such compulsory in schools, that was probably just thrown in there as a bargaining chip, what's more important is access to your tax dollar. So whether you are interested in the arts or whether the art produced is actually liked by anyone is irrelevant, you peasants just need to be taxed until you learn to appreciate it. Whatever ideas are embraced by your glorious PM in six months will be funded by you lot, so get to work now. You can hardly expect a rabble of lefties to gather under one roof on your dollar and not come up with some creative ways to spend even more of your money now can you.

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