Apparently the crime rate is stable and it's all kumbaya

Daily Telegraph - VIOLENCE has erupted in Sydney again this week, after a man was charged with malicious wounding after a teenager was slashed with a knife in Sydney's inner west. Police allege a 25-year-old man slashed the 15-year-old's arm after objects were thrown at him and a female companion in Bay St, Glebe, about 7.30pm on Monday. A 25-year-old man has been charged and will appear at Balmain Local Court on May 7.
Unless I read it completely wrong, I wouldn't be surprised if this fellow decided to carry a weapon to protect himself because he has the brains to know that the state won't protect him. And now that he used it to defend himself and his partner you can rest assured he'll be punished for doing so, while the state dotes over the sack of filth teenage attacker, defending yourself using a weapon in public is a big no-no out here. Moving on.
Last night, a teenager allegedly set fire to a train carriage in Sydney's north west. Police said the blaze damaged seating and window trimmings in a carriage at Vineyard station, near Windsor, just before 7.30pm yesterday.

An hour later, carjackers stole a van at gunpoint after causing a minor collision in Sydney's north west. Police say two male occupants of a Mercedes van were threatened with a gun after their vehicle was hit from behind by a Nissan Pintara on Devlin St, Ryde, about 8.30pm yesterday. Police describe the carjackers as Middle Eastern/ Mediterranean in appearance.
The description of the attackers was left out by the Sydney Morning Herald, I'm thinking this is to promote multiculturalism, diversity and cultural harmony, wouldn't want the sheeple to get any bright ideas now would we. Moving on to more merry criminal activities, well merry for them I guess since you lot are all unarmed and defenseless, makes their job that much easier to do.
Later last night, armed robbers threatened hotel staff in Sydney's inner west overnight. Police say two men, one armed with a knife, demanded cash from two staff members at the hotel in Albemarle Street, Newtown, about 12.30am today.
Rest assured sheeple, the relevant minister and bureaucratic parasites are on to it, some sort of committee and task force will be set up post haste, social workers will be deployed. Now, if you all could just whine a bit, the glorious premier will bring in tougher laws and hire more frontline officers to show that he is serious, and also chastise you ungrateful bastards for unfairly blaming the poor police force for this. In other news.
ABC News - This year's annual figures from the state's Bureau of Crime Statistics show crime across 13 categories, including assault, has remained stable. Police Commissioner Andrew Scipione has acknowledged alcohol-fuelled violence remains a big problem but says it is not just confined to NSW. The figures show there were 27,402 domestic-violence related assaults last year and 45,841 other assaults.
Good heavens, aren't you glad it's stable, and aren't you glad you don't hear about all 45000 of them, ignorance is bliss isn't it. Pipe down sheeple, the state has failed you for the last 10 years, I'd even say they failed 45000 times in the last year, but trust them, settle down now, they'll fix it in the next 10 years, honest. If you all could just hand in any remaining weapons, renounce violence and invest in some KY and well maybe not report it next time, that would really help. You want to be part of the solution, not the problem don't you.

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